BREGS Blog Archive 1- NOVEMBER 2013

by Bregs Blog admin team


Don’t forget our archives!

Over 360 posts since the BRegs Blog commenced towards the end of November 2013. We now have almost 1,000 subscribers and many recent readers may not have seen earlier posts, which still remain very relevant and informative.

Click on the following link and read the first series of posts we published- many of these highlight some of the issues we have subsequently encountered this year- lack of industry preparedness, BCMS Elodgement issues, lack of additional resources allocated to Building Control Sections, vague and difficult legal implications on practitioners. We have one of our earliest posts prepared by 7 past presidents of the representative body for architects (RIAI). It was also in this month that an apartment complex was completely evacuated in Meath, similar to Priory Hall. Scroll through our earliest posts which are in reverse chronological order-

Click link: BREGS Blog Archive 1- NOVEMBER 2013

  • Listen to RTE radio interview with Joan O’Connor, past president of the RIAI on the issues associated with the new regulations (listen here). In this interview the current fall in commencement notices since March 2014 was predicted.
  • Recently elected Ciaran Cuffe on the Right Hook radio programme commented: “Without a reasonable expectation that you will be inspected, there will be people out there who will avoid complying with the letter and the spirit of the law” advocating independent local authority inspections (listen here).
  • In a well-considered and prescient paper contributors Michael Collins, Orla Hegarty, Joe Kennedy and Eoin O Cofaigh discuss the anticipated implications of the building regulations after March 2014- in retrospect this was a very accurate assessment. See post here.
  • We discussed the pyrite issue and how the new regulations would not stop a re-occurrence from happening- again very relevant to recent events this week (see link here)
  • In our earliest post 7 past presidents  of the RIAI note a unanimously passed motion at the largest ever RIAI EGM in October 2013. This EGM motion remains the cornerstone of current RIAI policy in relation to the new regulations. Click here for post. Quote from the motion-

The meeting believes that the said S.I. 80 of 2013 will not achieve the objective for which it has been introduced, and that the consumer will be no better protected than was the case in the recent past because of shortcomings in the said Regulations”.

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