Senator Mooney letter to Minister Phil Hogan

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On 16th April after a Seanad Debate Senator Paschal Mooney wrote to Minister Phil Hogan on behalf of the Irish Association of Self Builders. The IAOSB separately had written a letter of complaint to the Minister and have requested a formal investigation into statements made in the Seanad (see post here).

In his letter Senator Mooney noted the following IAOSB issues to the Minister:

  • The IAOSB had written a letter of complaint to the Minister that they were not part of any stakeholder group and were, quote “ astonished that you (Minister) mention that self builders and our organisation have been kept informed and participated in the formation of the regulation”.
  • Why did the Minister give architects, engineers and surveyors a monopoly on certifying and getting money for every new house and every house extension over 40 Sqm.
  • The IAOSB noted that between preliminary costs, builder’s attendance, main contractor’s profit the extra-over for a typical residential project is in the region of over 12% of the cost of the build- for a typical house this would be over €22,000. Between the extra for additional professional certifier roles and a main contractor’s fees and profit costs could be in excess of €40,000.
  • How was it possible to have a mandatory contractor’s register while allowing self building to continue (by non-builder owners)?
  • Could the Minister amend the SI.9 to indicate the words “Building Owner” or “Self Builder”. The Minister  has included the words CIRI the Register of Builders of CIF in the SI.9 yet it is claimed it is not mandatory to enter this CIRI number. Why are they written into legal documents?
  • Would the Minister  now consider the UK system of a list of approved inspectors to be answerable to Building Control Authorities? This system would be low-cost to implement and would resolve controversial issues associated with SI.9 relating to self build.
  • The Law Society had suggested Assigned Certifiers not to take on the role of Certifier for Self Builders. Did the Minister have any solution to a potentially major problem?
  • Senator Mooney noted that SI.9  could lead to a significantly increased cost especially for those in rural Ireland where there is a tradition of self build. Those who build their own houses are more likely to ensure they are built to the highest standards and he was not aware of any complaints of sloppy building standards in this sector.

 Senator Mooney concluded by requesting the Minister to instigate an immediate review of SI.9 taking account of the issues relating to the self build sector.

Here is Minister Hogan’s response (3rd June) to Senator Paschal Mooney regarding S.I.9 of 2014 – Click here 

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