Pyrite News roundup- week ending 13th June

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The issue of pyrite resurfaced earlier this month natiowide with new cases in Drogheda, Mayo, schools in Balbriggan and now demolitions of housing in Shankill, Dublin. As there has been continuing Dáil, Seanad and media coverage we will be compiling a selection of reports of interest on this. The following consolidated post is for the week ending 13th June 2014.

Press article from Drogheda Life from 9th June here.

Extract from article:

Demolition of six new Drogheda homes starts after pyrite discovered

“Work began today on the demolition of six newly built homes in Moneymore estate in Drogheda because pyrite was discovered in some of the blocks used to build them.

Residents had been due to move into the 25-house scheme late last year but, since the Pyrite was discovered, the houses have remained empty pending analysis. It seems that the future of other houses in the scheme is also in doubt.

Pyrite is a natural occurring material which is found in stone, it becomes unstable when exposed to air or water. When used in building it causes cracking, splitting and buckling of walls, floors and ceilings.

Workmen were today removing windows, doors and other fittings prior to the houses being demolished.

Minister Fergus O’Dowd said he welcomed the decision to demolish the six “social housing units”.

He said: “While it is unfortunate that this course of action has to be taken, I am glad that this pernicious material has been discovered at this stage rather than when the buildings become family homes.

“I will be seeking definitive answers on all of the houses in the scheme so that we conclusively know that this important scheme can progress.”

Taoiseach in the asked Dáil question about pyrite on Tuesday 10th June- click link here

Extract from debate:

Mattie McGrath (Tipperary South, Independent) “Is the Taoiseach aware that several houses were knocked yesterday as a result of the pyrite scandal? We have the Pyrite Resolution Act 2013. It is a shame that the industry has not been regulated or that the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government has not taken action to show—–”

Seán Barrett (Ceann Comhairle; Dún Laoghaire, Ceann Comhairle) “When is the pyrite Bill due?”

Mattie McGrath (Tipperary South, Independent) “There are a number of houses, a school in Balbriggan and many affected products on the market….It could have major consequences for the taxpayer.”

Seán Barrett (Ceann Comhairle; Dún Laoghaire, Ceann Comhairle) “. Every day I have to tell the Deputy that we cannot debate a particular issue.We are only asking about promised legislation.”

Mattie McGrath: “I am not debating the issue; I am simply asking about it.”

Enda Kenny (Taoiseach, Department of An Taoiseach; Mayo, Fine Gael): “As the Deputy is aware, the Pyrite Resolution Bill has been enacted. There is an issue for all builders, developers and quarry operators to determine whether pyrite is contained in the material they supply.”

Mattie McGrath (Tipperary South, Independent) “Where are the regulations?”

Clare Daly TD and Minister Phil Hogan in Dáil on 10th June- click link here

Extract from Dáil:

Extract from article:Clare Daly (Dublin North, United Left)

403. To ask the Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government the services being provided by HomeBond to the pyrite board. [24689/14]

Phil Hogan (Minister, Department of Environment, Community and Local Government; Carlow-Kilkenny, Fine Gael)

Discussions have been on-going for some time between the Pyrite Resolution Board and HomeBond on services to be provided by HomeBond in connection with the implementation of the pyrite remediation scheme. The discussions have recently concluded and my Department understands that an agreement has now been reached under which HomeBond has agreed to contribute technical and project management services to the value of €2million, and such services will include assisting in the auditing of Building Condition Assessments, organising and managing the testing of dwellings and project management of remediation contracts. HomeBond has also agreed to make available to the Pyrite Resolution Board/ Housing Agency the results of testing undertaken by it prior to the operation of the scheme.

All services will be provided under the direction and supervision of the Pyrite Resolution Board and/or the Housing Agency and in this context it should be noted that HomeBond staff will not be making decisions on the eligibility of applicants under the scheme. In addition, while working on the pyrite remediation process, staff from HomeBond will not be acting as agents of the Pyrite Resolution Board/Housing Agency to whom they will be answerable.

Fergal Quinn on pyrite in Seanad, June 11th – click link here

Extract from Seanad:

Feargal Quinn (Independent): “ The problem of pyrite has cropped up again and a number of houses in Drogheda and elsewhere have had to be demolished as a result. Are the necessary building regulations being properly enforced, since pyrite continues to be a problem? I would like to think that something is being done in this respect. Can the Leader confirm that there are building regulations to stop this problem? Pyrite is not the fault of builders but rather the fault of suppliers. There is no cost to the State because, to the best of my knowledge, the supplier is probably insured. On that basis, therefore, the insurance company will pay for it. Building regulations are needed to ensure we can avoid pyrite related difficulties in future.”

Maurice Cummins (Fine Gael): “I will find out what is the position regarding pyrite for Senator Feargal Quinn. As Senators will be aware, the problem has raised its head again in Drogheda. I will check whether the building regulations apply in the case the Senator raises. I hope they do. The concept of paying doctors for patients whom they keep healthy is a good, albeit one which may not work.”

Drogheda Life, June 12th – click link here

Extracts from article:

“I have since got it confirmed that phase one, which consists of the first six houses are to be demolished and test results from the remaining 19 houses have yet to be confirmed.”

Cllr Munster said it is looking likely that if the blocks used on all the houses were from the same source then all of them will have to be knocked.

She said that this is “…the worst possible blow given that we have over 1,600 people on the housing list in Drogheda with many waiting over six years to be housed, and a government that is refusing to roll out a proper, substantial house building programme to tackle this housing crisis.”

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