Architectural Technologist letter to Minister Hogan

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The following letter was written by an Architectural Technologist to Minister Phil Hogan on 20th June 2014. 

Dear Minister Hogan,

I am writing to you in relation to the issue of Architectural Technologists exclusion from the list of professionals allowed to provide design and assigned certification under the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations SI 9 of 2014.

I am an Architectural Technologist with 16 years’ experience in the Architectural profession, a key role of my job function as an Architectural Technologist is the design, detailing, analysis and inspection of buildings to ensure they are in compliance with the Building Regulations. Ensuring compliance is something I do every day, I have been trained at third level to do it and I have spent the last 16 years doing so. It has been my experience that architects and engineers will seek my advice on building regulation compliance. These architects and engineers rely on my professional experience and knowledge to ensure that the buildings we produce are fully compliant with the Building Regulations.

At the moment, I am currently working on a project which has just been issued to tender and which will fall under the remit of SI 9 of 2014. I am the design team leader for the project; I have designed the architectural elements of the project, produced the architectural drawings & schedules and have written the architectural specification for the project. I have co-ordinated the design elements of the rest of the design team, worked with the project manager and the quantity surveyor to ensure that the design is within budget and can be delivered within programme.

While waiting on the tender return, I have started to compile all the necessary documentation for submittal of the commencement notice. I have already prepared a preliminary inspection plan as part of the tender documents, this will aid in the development of the Inspection Notification Framework to be submitted with the commencement notice. I am in the process of gathering Ancillary Certificates for design from the other consultants and I will be providing an Ancillary Certificate for design for the architectural elements. All of these documents I will then handover to my manager, a RIAI registered architect, who will sign the statutory Certificate of Compliance for Design. I can also foresee that I will be asked to register on the BCMS in my manager’s name and to go through the online commencement notice submission on his behalf, no doubt the process of Assigned Certifier will be similar.

My question to you Minister is this: how can it be fair that I am precluded by law to perform the roles of Design and Assigned Certifier, when I am already performing those roles by proxy?

I recently joined the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists as an Associate member and I am hoping to gain Chartered status with the institute before the year is out. I know that both CIAT and the RIAI have submitted proposals to your department for the establishment of a voluntary register of Architectural Technologists, and I would take this opportunity to urge you to please expedite your decision, allow for the establishment of a register and make that register a statutory register in relation to the Building Control Act. I am fortunate that I am employed in a practice and can perform these duties (even if by proxy) and earn a living, but a large number of my fellow technologists are self-employed and not in a position to secure work due to the implications of SI 9 of 2014.

I would also like to take this opportunity to lend my support to the CIAT submission, and ask you to please allow the CIAT to operate a register of architectural technologists in Ireland. The CIAT is an institute which has always supported architectural technologists and has done more for the architectural technology profession than the RIAI has ever done. Architectural Technologist members of the RIAI have minimal rights within that organisation and have one seat on the RIAI council. The RIAI is an institute run by architects for architects. CIAT is an institute run by Architectural Technologists for Architectural Technologists; members must adhere to a strict code of practice and meet continual CPD requirements.

I know you have previously stated that if Architectural Technologists want to gain entry to a register that they should apply for assessment for either the Register of Architects or the Register of Building Surveyors, but I personally have no wish to be a registered architect or a building surveyor, I am an architectural technologist and proud of the skills and knowledge that I have developed over the course of my career. I may remind you that while you were in opposition, you asked the then Minister of the Environment why Architectural Technologists where excluded from the lists of registered professionals under the incoming Building Control Act 2007, what has changed your opinion since then?

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