UPDATE: Construction Industry Register of Ireland

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UPDATE: Construction Industry Register of Ireland

The Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) was launched earlier this year in consultation with the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government (DECLG). It is promoted as the only register of construction companies, sole traders and builders that are vetted by Government nominees and industry professionals. It is intended that it will become the Statutory Register for registered building contractors as part of the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations S.I. 9. CIRI is a private register and is owned and operated by the Construction Industry Federation (CIF). Link to website here: ciri.ie

The uptake to date to join CIRI, by construction companies, has been slow. On the 21st June 2014 only 196 companies had registered with CIRI. This figure may be compared with the existing 1500 + existing members of the CIF (who own and manage CIRI) and the 7500+ members of the National Guild of Master Craftsmen (see link to Guild website here). It is worth noting that Homebond have another (unconnected) register: homebond register.ie. Dublin city and county have the largest CIRI listing with 51 companies whereas Co. Longford has none.

The poor uptake for CIRI may possibly be explained by the following:

  • The register has not been placed on a statutory footing so there is no mandatory requirement (yet) to be registered. Recent Dáil statements suggest the March 2015 date for placing CIRI on a statutory footing may be delayed.
  • The cost of being listed on CIRI (€600 excluding VAT) may be a deterrent to small firms. There would appear to be no scale of charges i.e. a sole trader pays the same fee as the largest construction company in the country.
  • While the status of self-builders and the need to use a registered contractor remains ambiguous under the S.I. 9 legislation, there seems to be no advantage for a contractor to be on CIRI. Contrary to the CIF the Minister and Department have stated on a number of occasions that self-builders, owners without relevant construction experience, can still undertake the role of builder under the new building regulations. This suggests that membership of CIRI is unnecessary at present.
  • Many construction professionals remain sceptical of the qualitative assessments for inclusion on CIRI. No data has been issued yet by the CIF so it is not possible to know how many applications were refused or are under appeal or pending.

It is difficult to see how this register will be put on a statutory footing in 2015, as there are bound to be issues in trying to merge the other registers into CIRI.

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