Where is the Design Certifier in BC(A)R SI.9?

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Where is the Design Certifier in BC(A)R SI.9?

We noted in an earlier post (see post here) that the Design Certifier (DC) seems to have disappeared from a lot of government guidance.

  • The list of Commencement Notices published from the BCMS  lists only the ‘Designer’ (who is not required to be a registered professional) and the ‘Certifier’ (clearly meaning the Assigned Certifier). See pdf list: Building Register 17th June 2014.
  • The Law Society Practice Note (see link) advises solicitors to use the Completion Certificate only. The Design Certificate will not be used in conveying property.

It is clear then, that the Design Certifier has become the “Cinderella” of Building Control and that this role has been minimised to an ‘outline’ compliance certificate that does not even appear on the public record. For most projects the Assigned Certifier (AC) will take on the job before tendering and will audit the design before the start and as the projects goes along on site.

This is a sensible solution; it reduces the workload at commencement and is readily workable on all types on contracts. The Assigned Certifier’s role is clear and there is a second pair of eyes on all design work, both the professionals or subcontractors throughout (only if the DC and AC are different people).

SI.9 has evolved, since its implementation, into being a paper trail with a single point of responsibility- the Assigned Certifier. The disappearing role of the Design Certifier is reflected in the Department’s own Code of Practice.

For most projects it is likely that there will be no extra fees for the role of Design Certifier. Unless practitioners have specifically negotiated these, it is reasonable to assume the responsibilities associated with the role should be minimised also.

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