3 must-read posts for employees

by Bregs Blog admin team


3 must-read posts for employees

Here are three posts we think you should read if you are a new subscriber to the Blog and have heard there is some issue with employees liability under the new building regulations.

  • The first post below refers to a recent bulletin to all members of the representative  body for architects (RIAI) which stated “Employees acting as Assigned Certifier and Design Certifier may be personally liable in the event that their employer no-longer exists after the demise of the practice. Employees are therefore advised to exercise extreme caution before taking on the roles of Assigned Certifier and Design Certifier.” 
  • In the second post concerns are tabled, based on emails received to the Blog from worried employees (both in the public and the private sector). Many private firms and staff in the Office of Public Works and in Local Authorities are reluctant to take on new certifier roles due to open-ended liability issues.
  • The third post is a general one describing what professional indemnity insurance is, and noting under current Irish Law “...in Ireland there is ‘joint and several’ liability. This means that even if a professional is 1% liable, the entire claim can be made against him as the ‘last man standing’.
  1. Extreme caution for employees: BC(A)R SI.9
  2. Practical Post 8: Employees won’t certify? BC(A)R SI.9
  3. What is PI Insurance?

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