Commencement figures- June 25th 2014

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Building Register: 25th June 2014

Building Control Management System (BCMS)

The Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) published the third edition of the Building Register on Wednesday 25th June 2014 at 12.10 p.m. The Building Register records all of the validated Commencement Notices received throughout Ireland through the Building Control Management System (BCMS). The latest Building Register may be viewed here: BuildingRegister25thJune2014

PDF: BuildingRegister25thJune2014

The Building Register now records a figure of 945 as the total number of validated Commencement Notices received over the past four months (16.5 weeks) since the introduction of the BCMS on 1st March 2014. This figure equates with an average of approximately 57 Commencement Notices per week. Of the 945 Commencement Notices received, 359 (38%) appear to be ‘Short Form’ notices (where an Assigned Certifier is not required).

The average weekly number of commencement notices lodged nationwide in 2013 was 143 per week.

Dublin City Council, with a total of 190, has the highest number of validated Commencement Notices. The Dublin City Council figure continues to demonstrate a very high percentage of ‘Short Form’ notices at 118, or 62%, of the ‘Short Form’ type. Interestingly the figures for Louth County Council have no ‘Short Form’ notices.

Varying figures and statistics are being quoted in relation to the numbers of Commencement Notices by different stakeholders. Continuing problems with the BCMS system for lodgement of Commencement Notices have contributed to these discrepancies. At present it is not possible to lodge ‘short form’, 7-day notices or Completion Certificates on the BCMS system. In addition as Commencement Notices are being validated individually by the 34 Building Control Authorities differences have arisen between the numbers of Commencement Notices started online or hand-delivered and those that are being assessed, have been validated and/or invalidated. The above figures are based on the official BCMS record of validated Commencement Notices.

We have been unable to establish the frequency with which the BCMS intend to publish the Building Register statistics at this time. We will continue to monitor the figures closely as and when they are published. We are currently reviewing the impact of the above figures as indicators of activity in the construction industry and will report on this in a future post.

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