Note to readers Bregs Blog on Post format

by Bregs Blog admin team

email Recently we received an email from a reader towards the end of June 2014.

This was message: I decided to follow the bregs blog a couple of weeks ago as I think it is important…Can you not limit it to once a day or even once a week with a link to that day’s/week’s relevant articles?

Our technical dept have said readers should be able to set the email subscription to a weekly digest here if you’re logged in here:

Currently we are trying to cut down to maximum 2 per day at the moment- the blog is very keen to keep all posts short, factual and to the point (there is a lot going on however). The feedback we have received mainly to date is that readers prefer shorter posts (a greater number) rather than single long ones.

The sun is shining, the world hasn’t ended and BC(A)R isn’t going anywhere soon by the looks of it. We hope to be patiently posting up condensed news and relevant information for a while longer.

July was our second highest with over 20,000 views in one month. Thanks for your continued support- please keep comments and emails coming!

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