Top 20 Breg Blog posts for June 2014.

by Bregs Blog admin team

In case anyone missed this one its a the top 20 blog posts for June- ENJOY!

BRegs Blog

top34 June 2014 had the second highest ever number of Breg Blog views per month at 20,686.

The issue of the continued exclusion of Architectural Technologists from the register of professionals under the new regulations occupies half of our list, including the three most popular posts. Current interpretation of BC(A)R issued by Cork County Council was high up on the list as was Constantin Gurdgiev’s critique on planning permission decreases this year, contrary to recent media hype. Again very popular was this month’s update on the continuing low level of commencement notice lodgment under the new regulations.

We also completed our second survey of readers- the Breg Blog 100 days- Assigned Certifier Survey– see post here. In our survey:

  • 83% of respondents were unwilling to be an Assigned Certifier on a self-build project
  • 60% of respondents “did not feel more confident” or “remained unsure” (20%) about their ability to implement the Building Regulations
  • 86% of respondents supported…

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