BREGS Blog Archive 3- JANUARY 2014

by Bregs Blog admin team

In case you missed this last weekend heres an opportunity to look back ad some posts from January. Enjoy!

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The BRegs Blog would like to congratulate our new Minister for the Environment, and we invite him to subscribe, log on and scroll down through our archive posts to brief himself as to the issues many see as still relevant to the new regulations.

Many recent readers will not be familiar with our January 2013 posts. Click on the following link and scroll through the second month’s posts we published- subjects are very relevant to many issues we are currently experiencing.

Click title: BREGS Blog Archive 3- JANUARY 2014

In this month we posted:

  • Hubert Fitzpartick of the Construction Industry Federation (CIF Director of Housing)  Director of Housing stated that on 1st March self-build will no longer be possible in Ireland. Listen to radio interview here.
  • Along with the CIF the representative body for architects (RIAI- another key stakeholder) had a crucial role…

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