How developers are “adapting” to the new Building Control regulations

by Bregs Blog admin team

In case you missed it here’s a very popular post from earlier on in July. Enjoy!

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The following opinion piece was written by Breg Blog Team and is based on submissions on 1st July 2014 by an architect and others who are involved in the speculative build-for-sale sector.

How developers are “adapting” to the new Building Control regulations

  • Assigned Certifier employees: Under SI.9 an Assigned Certifier can be employed directly by the developer as an employee. This can be an engineer/ surveyor/ architect from anywhere who registers in Ireland for the duration of the project. In one case a registered professional engineer is being indemnified by his employer, a development company, against future claims. A developer can indemnify the Assigned Certifier under his own current Professional Indemnity Insurance policy (which can be stopped at the end of the project). Effectively, the Certifier is a ‘man of straw’ against whom there is no redress. In the event of a claim post-completion by a homebuyer if the Assigned Certifier has no Professional Indemnity Insurance there…

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