Specialist Ancillary Certifiers, Template Inspection plan & form, 7 day notice

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Posted by Bregs Blog on 17th July 2014

Templates: Inspection Form and Inspection Plan.

The Bregs Blog received correspondence along with a sample pdf inspection plan kindly prepared by a Chartered Surveyor for Blog readers- This is part 1 of a two part post. The second part has a sample Draft Inspection Form. Standardised templates and duties are pretty thin on the ground from the representative bodies so these are a useful base for practitioners to get their minds around what the roles involve, then what to base fee proposals on. For reader’s convenience both are listed here:

Registered Building Surveyor’s Inspection Plan

Registered Building Surveyor’s Inspection Form

Seven Day Notice issues

In a previous opinion piece a registered architect noted the pitfalls of using a 7 day notice:

S.I. 9 and the 7-day notice 

Specialist Ancillary Certifiers

For anyone who missed them we did a series of 4 question and answer posts with persons and a firm who are providing ancillary Certifier services to the industry. As with previous posts these standard questions are the ones a client or design team would ask of any potential specialist Certifier. We invited submissions from surveyors, engineers and architects who intend to provide separate specialist services for SI.9 to the construction industry.

Many registered professionals are not happy to undertake the roles of Assigned or Design Certifier. If you do not intend to undertake the roles of Design or Assigned Certifier these posts are very useful to assess fee proposals you will be getting in from other specialist sub-consultants.

We think these four posts are very practical information for practitioners and consumers alike regarding  anticipated duties and timescales, and consequent costs to design teams and clients of Building Control (Amendment) Regulation (SI.9 of 2014). Click on the title for to read the post:

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