SI.9- Everything you wanted to know Part 2: WHO’S WHO.

by Bregs Blog admin team


Who are the stakeholders in Building Control?

Your essential ‘who’s who?’ of the Building Control ( Amendment) Regulations. Do not take our word for it go to source. Here is a list of all relevant bodies and organisations frequently referred to in any discussion about the regulations. There is a link below to the Part 1 of this ‘Who’s Who?’ series.

Click on the link after each title to get to the relevant site:

The Government:

Minister of the Environment, Community & Local Government (DECLG), Alan Kelly T.D. – click link here.

Building Control Authorities:

There are 34 City and County Councils. For list click here.

The construction professionals:

There are three registered professionals allowed to certify-

  • Engineers Ireland chartered engineers, click link here.
  • SCSI registered building surveyors, click link here (not quantity surveyors).
  • RIAI architects, click link here.

Other professionals involved in construction include architectural technologists, project managers, quantity surveyors, fire safety engineers, access consultants etc.

The Contractors:

The builders, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. The representative body is the CIF

The suppliers, manufacturers and importers of building materials.

The Building Owners:

The ‘consumer’ is represented by the Consumer Agency, click link here.

The Insurance Industry who provide insurance to builders, professionals and building owners.

The Legal Professionals, represented by the Law Society, click link here.

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