Architectural Technologists: Are you on the right bus?

by Bregs Blog admin team

                                                                       CIAT Bus

 It appears as if the prospect of a Register for Architectural Technologists may be a bit like Dublin Bus. You wait ages for one and then two come along together!

On Thursday 17th July 2014 a meeting was held at the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government (DECLG) to discuss the registration of Architectural Technologists in Ireland. The issue appears to have gained a certain momentum lately in view of the omission of Architectural Technologists from the list of approved professionals who may act as assigned Certifiers under the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations and the fact that there is now a degree of competition between the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) and the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI) as to who will operate any future register(s).

At the meeting the DECLG was represented by Martin Vaughan and Aidan O’ Connor of its Architecture and Building Standards section. The CIAT was represented by Francesca Berriman (CEO), Colin Orr, Martin Meehan, Diane Dale, James Banks and Tara Page. The RIAI was represented by John Graby (CEO), Margaret Hynds O’Flanagan, Darren Bergin and Joe Byrne.

We have been advised that on Friday 18th July 2014 the CIAT issued the following advice note of the above meeting to its members:

Dear Member

Architectural Technologists’ Register meeting update

Following a meeting with Aidan O’Connor and Martin Vaughan at the DECLG, which was also attended by representatives of the RIAI, I would confirm the following:

  • Minister Kelly has not yet been briefed (he had been in post less than one-week)
  • The commitment to develop Architectural Technologists’ Registers is supported by the Minister (this would be ongoing with the new Minister) and Department
  • There could be two Registers (CIAT’s and RIAI’s)
  • CIAT made clear our position that our Register would hold competent Architectural Technologists in relation to the intention of acting as an Assigned Certify (sic) and Design Certifier
  • John Graby, RIAI Director General said that he could make no such statement
  • CIAT would be working with the various stakeholders across Ireland to gain support for a Statutory Register
  • Any potential Statutory Register would need to be supported by primary legislation
  • This is separate to the inclusion in the S.I.09 of 2014 the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations in relation to certification; the Minister can include the Register without the need for additional primary legislation.

CIAT is to launch its Voluntary Register before the end of July.CIAT is to start liaising with the necessary stakeholders in preparation of a Statutory Register for Architectural Technologists. Those on the Statutory Register for Architectural Technologists established by CIAT will be competent to lead projects of all sizes from conception through to completion AND act as the Design Certifier and Assigned Certifier – we will continue to work with the Minister, Department and stakeholders in this regard.

At the time of writing we are not aware of any statement being issued by the DECLG or by the RIAI to its Architectural Technologist members in relation to the above meeting. We asked the RIAI to provide a statement prior to publication but this has not been forthcoming at this time.