SI.9- Everything you wanted to know Part 3: ACRONYMS

by Bregs Blog admin team


What is the terminology used in Building Control?

Your essential Building Control ( Amendment) Regulation what’s what. Don’t take our word for it go to source- here is a list of all acronyms frequently referred to in any discussion about the regulations. Where to find Part 1 lists off all frequently noted source documents also. Who’s who Part 2 also is listed at the bottom of the post also.


AC (or AsC) – Assigned Certifier

AC (or AnC) – Ancillary Certifier

ACEI – Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland

AsubC AsubsubC – Ancillary subCertifier and Ancillary subsubCertifier

BCA- Building Control Authority or Building Control Act

BCARs- Building Control (Amendment) Regulations

BCO – Building Control Officer

BCMS – Building Control Management System

BO- Building Owner

CIF- Construction Industry Federation

CIRI- Construction Industry Register Ireland

CN- Commencement Notice

CoP- Code of Practice

DAC- Disability Access Certificate

DC- Design Certificate or Design Certifier

DoE- Department of the Environment

EI- Engineers Ireland

FSC- Fire Safety Certificate

7DN- 7 Day Notice

INF- Inspection Notification Framework

LGMA – Local Government Management Agency

PIP- Preliminary Inspection Plan

RIAI- Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland

RIA- Regulatory Impact Assessment

SCSI- Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland

TGD- Technical Guidance Document (TGD A-TGD M)

UBB- Undertaking by Builder


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