125,000 Thanks to our Readers

by Bregs Blog admin team

thankyou_ArizonaThis past weekend the BRegs Blog reached 125,000 unique views, has published its 465th post, and has been nominated in the ‘Best Newcomer’ category of the Blog Awards Ireland 2014.

This post is a big thank you to those 125,000 viewers and to our email, Twitter and Facebook followers. Most of all it is a huge thank you to our many writers and contributors that have helped to make this Blog what it is. These contributions come from a unique collaboration of economists, politicians, solicitors, journalists, civil servants, building control officers, builders, building owners, surveyors, engineers, architectural technologists and architects.

The BRegs Blog has become the ‘must-go-to’ open source for information in relation to the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations for anyone involved in the construction industry. It has stepped up to fill the gap.

Our favourite social media comment over the weekend was from a solicitor:

“That is great news [125,000 views] particularly for a Blog about (let’s face it) building control!”

While we continue to enjoy your support we will continue to blog and to welcome your comments and contributions.


BRegs Blog Admin Team