Everything you wanted to know about the BCMS and now you can ask!

by Bregs Blog admin team



Everything you wanted to know about the BCMS and now you can ask!

The Building Control Management System (BCMS) will be entering into its sixth month of operation tomorrow, 1st August 2014. The BCMS has not been without its glitches, some of which might be expected following the introduction of a major piece of I.T. software and some, less so, which have been attributed to the fact that the website developer did not have English as a first language! The Local Government Management Agency have advised that it will take a further 18 months after 1st March to have the system fully functioning.

The main difficulties for those using the BCMS have been the fact that there is no user’s guide or sample Commencement Notice submission and questions to the BCMS Contact page have gone unanswered. Concerns also remain about security, copyright, speed and that the system is not fully online yet.  In fairness the Senior Manager involved with the BCMS, Mairéad Phelan of Fingal County Council, did undertake to try and deal with queries personally. However this is not the most efficient method for disseminating such information.

In the interests of efficiency the BRegs Blog now intends to submit an open letter with a series of questions to the BCMS to be answered on behalf of our readers. We will publish the response, if any, so that it may be shared collectively by a wider audience of potential BCMS users.

Please submit any questions that you may have about the BCMS  to bregsforum@gmail.com  on or before Friday 8th August 2014 at 5.00 pm. It is hoped we will be able to publish the response by the 1st September 2014 on the half year anniversary of the introduction of the BCMS.

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