RIAI Assigned Certifier Survey – Results?

by Bregs Blog admin team

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RIAI Assigned Certifier Survey – Results?

The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI) recently conducted a survey among its [practice] members to try and establish which, if any, architectural firms were willing to take on the new roles of Design Certifier (DC) and Assigned Certifier (AC) as defined in the Building Control (Amendments) Regulations, either for their own clients or for third parties. The survey was ostensibly in response to members of the public seeking this information from the RIAI. It is noted that the other two professional bodies, representing Building Surveyors and Chartered Engineers, do not provide this information to the public nor have they sought it from their members at this time.

It remains unclear as to why the survey was conducted among the 550 or so RIAI practices only and not among the entire 2500 members of the RIAI as the role of AC and/or DC must be undertaken by an individual and not by a business entity or company. Some of those surveyed have expressed reservations about the methods used to conduct the survey. These concerns include:

  1. The survey was not anonymous- each respondent was identifiable contrary to good practice;
  2. There was no opportunity to express dissent from the proposed concept of compiling a list of those collaborating with the new legislation;
  3. The simplistic yes/no response allowed for no possibility of a ‘maybe’ subject to further clarification/comment;
  4. Many practitioners felt a form of peer pressure to answer ‘yes’- as the saying goes “if you’re not in you can’t win”, and after 6 years of a prolonged recession many fear being omitted from any list would be detrimental to possible new business;
  5. Confusion as to why information on 3rd party certifiers was being sought;
  6. That the purpose of the survey was primarily to try and create the impression that there was a large uptake of those undertaking the AC and DC roles which might give some comfort to those in the Department of the Environment and the RIAI who have been actively promoting and endorsing the new regulations.

It remains to be seen if the results of the survey will provide such comfort.

At present the only means of establishing the extent of the uptake of the new AC and DC roles is to examine the Building Register on the Building Control Management System. This lists the name and company for each of those involved in submitting Commencement Notices since 1st March 2014. The BRegs Blog examined the listings on the latest Building Register dated 28th July 2014 for all 34 Local Authorities.

The only large or well known companies listed* were:

  • Arthur Gibney & Partners
  • Coady Partnership
  • O’Mahony & Pike
  • Oppermann Associates
  • Reddy Architecture
  • RKD Architects

It was noted that none of the following large or well known firms listed* have yet to appear as acting as Assigned Certifiers. There is anecdotal evidence appearing that many of the larger practices are looking to sub-contract the AC roles to third party specialist certification firms to try and minimise risk.

  • A & D Wejchert
  • A2 Architects
  • Burke Kennedy Doyle
  • Cathal O’ Neill & Associates
  • CCH Architecture
  • CJ Falconer
  • Conroy Crowe Kelly
  • Dublin City Council Architects
  • Fewer Harrington
  • Fitzgerald Kavanagh
  • Fionnuala Rogerson Architects
  • FKL Architects
  • Gilroy McMahon
  • Grafton Architects
  • Heneghan Peng
  • Henry J. Lyons
  • Michael Collins Associates
  • McCullough Mulvin
  • McHugh O’ Cofaigh Architects
  • MOLA Architecture
  • Moloney O’Beirne
  • Newenham Mulligan Architects
  • O’Connell Mahon
  • O’Donnell & Tuomey
  • Open Architects
  • OPW
  • Railway Procurement Agency
  • Robin Mandal Architects
  • Scott Tallon Walker
  • Shaffrey & Associates
  • Simon J. Kelly
  • Smith Kennedy
  • Wain Moorehead

*Note: the above lists are not intended to indicate the endorsement or  intentions of any of the firms listed in relation to acting as Assigned Certifiers or otherwise. If you would like to have your firm added to the list or to have your firm removed please do so in the comment box below or email: bregsforum@gmail.com

 Link to Building Register