BCMS: Data protection or tax collection?

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BCMS: Data protection or tax collection?

On 31st July 2014 one of our readers has brought to our attention the Data Protection notice from the Department of the Environment that says Building Control Management System (BCMS) information is held on the Revenue Commissioners (tax) servers. The BCMS is the online Elodgement system for information such as commencement notices for the new building regulations introduced in March 2014.

She speculates that gathering information on construction activity through the BCMS (Building Control Management System) and storing it in Revenue may be connected to HEMG the “Hidden Economy Monitoring Group” a non-statutory multi-agency group (currently chaired by the Revenue Commissioners) comprising of business representative bodies (including the Construction Industry Federation)”. See link here*.

Last year the CIF (Construction Industry Fedararion) made a submission to government on stamping out the shadow economy (see link here**)  and included a proposal that “Revenue should review all commencement notices lodged with building control authorities to ascertain location/scale of construction activity and monitor who is undertaking the construction work

Could the BCMS really be about making architects, engineers and surveyors an (unpaid) army of tax auditors, uploading details and filing names of all of the builders, Ancillary Certifiers and suppliers?

It is ironic that one arm of the government can mobilise to inspect building sites (for tax compliance), which is in all our interests as tax payers, but also levels the playing pitch for CIF members. It is a shame that another arm of government can’t mobilise to monitor construction standards on building sites to level the playing pitch for the consumer.

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