Five fatal flaws in S.I.9…

by Bregs Blog admin team


Five fatal flaws in S.I.9…

  1. A homebuyer is no better off now than those who purchased in Priory Hall. There are no new rights for consumers. For more read Legal perspective: consumer benefit? BC(A)R SI.9
  2. The pyrite problem has not gone away and there is nothing in the new system to tackle it. For more read Pyrite & SI.9- what happens now?
  3. There is no test of competence for builders, only that they are tax compliant, have insurance and have worked in the building trade for 3 years. For more read Tom Parlon – The Last Word
  4. Developer-builders can have everything ‘self certified’ in house by an architect, engineer or surveyor (from anywhere in Europe) on their own staff with no oversight. This makes the current situation even worse than before. For more read How developers are “adapting” to the new Building Control regulations
  5. The local authorities have even less time to spot check sites as they are now overloaded with extra paperwork and an IT system that’s still being built. For more read Response- Workload on Local Authorities

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