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In this month we posted:

  • In an interview on RTÉ Radio’s ‘Morning Ireland’, former Minster Hogan stated all stakeholders were ready and supportive of implementation of the regulations. He also confirmed the cost per house for SI.9 of between €1000 and €3000. He suggested any other larger estimates are “wild exaggerations”. He contradicted official spokesperson for the representative body for architects (RIAI) Joan O’Connor and suggested that recent calls for deferral were ill-timed and are made not officially by the RIAI but by a minority of architects. (see link here)
  • Contrary to Ministerial statements we tabled industry estimates of the annual cost of  SI9 up to €500 million per annum (see post here). This was in contrast to the government’s launch a new annual action plan for jobs.  We noted the Industry estimates (by 2020) of the cost of SI.9 could be €3bn, the equivalent to 30,000 jobs (see post here).
  • Councillors in Donegal suggested consumers lodge commencement notices as quickly as possible (in advance of implementation) citing additional costs for SI9 at over €15000 (see post here). We now know the equivalent of 70% of the total commencement notices for 2013  were lodged nationwide in January and February of 2014.
  • The catastrophic effects on livelihoods of non-registered professionals in the industry of SI9 was discussed on  RTÉ liveline radio programme (see post here). The complete exclusion of Architectural Technologists from the register of competent professionals was discussed in an early opinion piece  (see post here). Joe Duffy: “what government in their right mind would make people unemployed?”.
  • The self builders representative organisation (IAOSB) launched a high-profile nationwide campaign to political representatives to defer SI.9 (see post here). Adding to self-builders’ woes the RIAI joined the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) in confirming that self-building was banned under SI.9 (see post here). Self-Builders lodged complaints to the European Ombudsman as to the anti-competitive and restrictive practices enshrined in the SI.9 (see post here).
  • Mark Daly TD in the Dáil asked had a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) been undertaken for SI.9? The answer- no (see post here). An RIA was completed for a 2012 version of SI.80- none for SI.9.
  • The representative body for chartered surveyors (SCSI) warned more Priory Hall scenarios could happen if the laws are not enforced and suggested proper enforcement by local authorities was required. See post here.
  • We read how house builders in Wales blamed red tape for a 12% drop in construction in 2013 – very interesting story in the context of our current continued fall in commencement notices following implementation of SI.9 (see here).
  • We wondered if the completion stage under the new regulations and lack of resources allocated to local authorities was going to be a recipe for disaster. See post here.
  • In “The compelling case for Deferral of Building Control (Amendment) Regulation (SI.9 of 2014)” we listed out the reasons for deferral listed in the RIAI letters to Minister Hogan and Bruton. We can see, looking at the upcoming RIAI EGM requisition by members, that these reasons are still very much relevant 6 months on (See here).
  • Current RIAI policy to appoint a completely separate Assigned Certifier on projects (a separate appointment to that of architect) was first published this month here.

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