RIAI EGM: Update 12th August 2014

by Bregs Blog admin team


The BRegs Blog has consistently sought Opinions and Comment on the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations S.I. 9, both for and against this legislation. To date we had received only one pro-S.I. 9 formal submission and we had intended to publish it today in view of the RIAI EGM being held later this evening to debate S.I. 9 policy. Unfortunately the person who drafted the pro-S.I. 9 Opinion withdrew permission for us to publish it last night during its final proofing stages. However this process did raise a few issues and we are happy to publish the following clarifications in relation to this evening’s RIAI EGM and previous posts published by the BRegs Blog.


The RIAI EGM will be held in the Davenport Hotel at 6 p.m. this evening and NOT the Alexander Hotel where a previous EGM was held last year. They are across the road from each other so if you do go the wrong venue; it will only take a few seconds to get to the right place.

S.I.9: Alternative:

Confusion has arisen that if S.I. 9 is revoked/withdrawn there is no alternative? We are advised that there is a well thought out, well researched and fully implementable system which is currently in final draft stage (essentially crossing t ‘s and dotting i’s) which will give both better buildings and properly apportioned liability and responsibility.  The RIAI EGM motion is most definitely not being proposed in a vacuum. It is being proposed knowing that a credible and realistic alternative system is ready which can be introduced, relatively simply, by regulation under the existing Building Control Act.

Timing of the RIAI EGM:

Many have queried as to why the EGM was called during the holiday season, in particular as the RIAI council itself does not meet during August.

Dr. Sandra O’Connell, RIAI Communication Manager has written:

“There has been some concern expressed by Members about the date of the EGM and a perception that in some sense there was an attempt to choose a date which would reduce the number of those attending. The requisition by the ten Members was received on 13 June. Company Law requires notification of the date, time and place of the General Meeting to make it more than 21 days from the requisition. In addition, Company Law requires the General Meeting to be held within two months of the date of the requisition. If this process is not followed then the requisitionists can themselves organise a General Meeting and fix the Institute with the associated costs.”

The request for the EGM was received by the RIAI on 13th June 2014. As  3 weeks’ notice were required to call the EGM, this meant a date of around the 8th July (approximately 5 weeks ago) would have been the earliest possible date for the EGM. The 12th August 2014 is the last possible date on which the EGM could be held and we believe this date was selected by the RIAI Council, Officers and/or Executive.