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by Bregs Blog admin team


The BRegs Blog has been informed that Donegal County Council made an announcement yesterday on their website that there was to be a change to procedures for operating the Building Control Management System (BCMS). The BRegs Blog will have a series of Q+A posts on this issue next week as a follow up to our Open letter to the BCMS Project Manager (Details here:).

The issue of how best to disseminate information on such changes to the BCMS is of interest to all users of the system. The announcement from Donegal Co. Council read as follows:


There is to be a release tonight Friday 15th August 2014 and there is a couple of items to be made aware of :

  1. The link in the email sent to stakeholders on role nomination will now bring the user to the correct tab for Acceptance.  This should ease the burden of Role Acceptance issues.
  2. The roles acceptance process has changed.  Users can now nominate roles and proceed to Documentation stage without Acceptance.  The system will check on submission that all users have accepted and will block submission if not.
  3. The issue with owners accepting role without entering appropriate information (eg Address info) has been fixed.
  4. The users were getting two emails when nominated for a role.  They will now only get one.
  5. We have removed the ability for all users other than the assigned certifier to upload documents once the application has been submitted (as directed by the Steering Group*).
  6. There is now additional help text around payment amount and how to change if incorrect.

These changes should have a significant impact on the support load which exists at present.  Your patience is appreciated through this improvement phase.

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* The BREgs Blog Admin Team do not know what the ‘Steering Group’ that is referred to here is comprised of.