SI9- where do I start?

by Mark Stephens

If you are a new visitor to BReg blog this post is a useful starting point to get going on some of the issues associated with BCAR SI.9

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SI9- where do I start?

New to SI.9- Confused? Following on from an influx of new readers to Bregs Blog we received a number of comments like “help- where do I start?“. We have compiled a list of our most read posts with headings to guide readers. You can delve into each topic in depth as most posts have “other posts of interests” at the bottom. With over 500 posts since we started in November 2013 along with industry alerts, getting the specific information you need on one topic can be difficult at the best of times.

Type in a key-word search and relevant posts will pop up in reverse chronological order. We also have four “archive” posts that allow readers to scroll down through the first months of posts on Bregs blog from November 2013 to February 2014  (see end of list).

Don’t forget you can configure bulletins to come to you daly or weekly, see post: Note to readers…

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