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SCSI Questions


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Open Letter: by email

Dear Ms. Daly,

The BRegs Blog is writing to you on behalf of its 1,200 email subscribers, 700 Twitter followers and 300 Facebook followers. The BRegs Blog (Link:) was launched on 21 November 2013 to debate and share information on the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations (BCAR). It has since become a ‘must-go-to’ open source for advice and opinion in relation to BCAR / S.I. 9 for anyone involved with the construction industry. It has uploaded 500+ posts, received 2000+ readers’ comments and registered almost 150,000 unique views in that time – not bad for a blog about Building Control!

Contributions come from a unique collaboration of economists, politicians, solicitors, journalists, civil servants, building control officers, builders, building owners, surveyors, engineers, architectural technologists and architects. We have posted links to several items of interest that the SCSI has published such as the excellent ‘Guide to BC(A)R S.I.9

This week the BRegs Blog ran a series of 35 Questions and Answers that were very kindly facilitated by Maireád Phelan, Building Control Management System, Project Manager. This was a great opportunity for disseminating such information efficiently to an interested audience in the construction industry.

Links to the three BCMS Q+A here:

Post1: General Issues:

Post2 – I.T. Issues:

Post 3 – Process Issues:

It is the BRegs Blog’s hope to continue with a similar series of  Q+A posts with the other BC(A)R stakeholders such as the SCSI, CIF, RIAI and ACEI. Earlier this week we posted a call out for questions on the SCSI (Link here: ) and we received over 50 responses which we have collated into the following 20 questions. We hope that the SCSI will now be able to answer all or as many of these as possible so that the BRegs Blog can post the responses for our readers.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

BRegs Blog Admin. Team


Q.1 How many registered building surveyor members does the SCSI have that are qualified to undertake the roles of Design and Assigned Certifier as specified in BC(A)R S.I. 9?

Q.2 Has the number of registered building surveyor members of the SCSI, as at item 1 above, increased since the introduction of BC(A)R?

Q.3 Has the SCSI provided new fee agreements for SCSI members acting as Design and/or Assigned Certifiers?

Q.4 Has the SCSI provided any advice on fees or required resources associated with undertaking the roles of Design and Assigned Certifiers?

Q.5 Has the SCSI provided a typical Inspection Plan to its members?

Q.6 Has the SCSI provided any specific advice to its members in relation to their acting as Design Certifiers in terms of specific qualifications e.g. certifying compliance with fRsi to Part L/F of the Building Regulations for residential extensions?

Q.7 It appears that many large firms are appointing third parties certifiers to undertake the roles of Design and Assigned Certifiers. Does the SCSI have any specific advice for its members undertaking such roles?

Q.8 Has the SCSI a list of their members who are available to act as Design or Assigned Certifier on projects where they are not retained as project manager/lead designer/employer’s representative? If the SCSI has not drawn up such a list would they consider doing so and make this list available to the public?

Q.9 Have SCSI members reported any specific implementation problems with BC(A)R S.I.9?

Q.10 Has the SCSI got a policy on Latent Defects Insurance in relation to BC(A)R  S.I.9 and consumer protection?

Q.11 Has the SCSI obtained an independent legal opinion from a barrister on the liability implications of registered surveyors acting as Design or Assigned Certifier or has it relied on legal opinions obtained by other stakeholders?

Q.12 If the SCSI has obtained legal advice as at item 11 above, has this advice been published or does it intend to do so?

Q.13 Other than the joint RIAI/ACEI/SCSI advice issued in relation to ancillary certificates, has the SCSI published other such advice or does it intend to do so?

Q.14 What is the current position of the SCSI regarding the legality of self building?

Q.15 Does the SCSI intend to host an EGM or other meeting to debate the views of its members on BC(A)R similar to the recent RIAI EGM called to revoke S.I. 9.

Q.16 Would the SCSI consider surveying its membership to establish whether they would support calls by other stakeholders for further DECLG action in relation to S.I. 9?

Q.17 Does the SCSI agree with the CIF interpretation of S.I. 9 that the Assigned Certifier takes over all responsibility for defective workmanship by the building contractor by signing a Completion Certificate?

Q.18 Does the SCSI have any views on the assessment procedure for building contractors being listed on CIRI?

Q.19 Has the SCSI raised or does it intend to raise any issues about BC(A)R S.I 9 with the recently appointed Minister for the Environment, Alan Kelly T.D.?

Q.20 Does the SCSI have an opinion on the adequacy of building owners’ understanding of BC(A)R S.I. 9? Does the SCSI feel that there is a need for a comprehensive publicity campaign by the DECLG and/or other stakeholders? Note: the BRegs Blog compliments the SCSI for their effort in this regard to date.