Practical Post 24: New Part K & J of Building Regulations

by Bregs Blog admin team


Practical Post 24: New Part K & J of Building Regulations

Under the new Building Control (Amendment) Regulation (SI.9 of 2014), dates refer to the Commencement Notice, so architects and registered professionals would be well advised to change to the new standards immediately. This will apply to any other new alterations or amendments to the building regulations that may issue in the near future. One of the problems we have already discussed is the lack of provision for transition arrangements or conflicts in any new Parts of the Regulations.

The Minister published new Part K (Stairways, Ladders, Ramps & Guards) and new Part J (Heat Producing Appliances).

The new Part J is from 1st September 2014. The new Part K comes in from 1st January 2015.

Part J brings in mandatory carbon monoxide detectors (we will be commenting on this in greater detail in a later post).

Architects and other registered professional designing projects need to incorporate the new standards now.


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NOTE: This series of posts is not meant to undermine or be in opposition to any professional advice from registered representative bodies: rather it is to offer additional technical aids to those that find themselves in the position of having to deal with SI.9 in it’s current form at present. As with all information posted on the Blog we urge all practitioners to check with their respective professional bodies before assuming any roles or duties under Building Control (Amendment) regulation (SI.9 of 2014). We hope to post a number of these practical posts and list in one area, so home owners, SME’s and professionals can drop in and click on a particular topic to get summary information that may be useful to them while working within these new and difficult regulations.