S.I. 9 | Six Month – Call Out

by Bregs Blog admin team

Call Out

S.I. 9 will have been with us six months on 1st September 2014. The BRegs Blog has just celebrated its ninth month in operation and  is fast approaching its 150,000th view. It looks as if August, a normally quiet month, may be one of the busiest months since this blog started in November 2013. This indicates to the BRegs Blog Admin Team that the appetite for information on S.I. 9 and its implications to the construction sector continues to grow. It appears as if the strength of this blog may be its unique range of writers across all spectra of the building industry.

The continuing demand for information has brought on board a whole new cross-section of contributors e.g. the recent BCMS Q+A series and the current Q+A session with the SCSI. We are now planning a series of articles on how different sectors in the industry are coping and adapting to S.I. 9 up to and including Commencement Notice stage as the legislation ends its sixth month in operation (at this point in time it is considered that there are insufficient details available on the impact on construction contracts stage and/or building completion stage to draw any conclusions).

The key groupings being considered for such posts based on stakeholders reading the blog are:

  • Large Firms / Practices e.g. multi-disciplinary consultants
  • Small Firms/ Practices e.g. sole traders
  • Public Sector e.g. Local Authority in-house engineering departments,
  • Commissioning authorities e.g. client bodies such as Government Departments
  • Third Party certifier e.g. providing A.C. / D.C services to other firms
  • Building Control Authorities e.g. BCO roles
  • Legal profession
  • Owners/Developers

If you would like to contribute information on how you are dealing with the legislation please email: bregsforum@gmail.com (names are verified but withheld on request).


Bregs Blog Admin Team