Four Questions for Conveyancing Solicitors: SI.9

by Bregs Blog admin team


We received these four questions from a registered professional on 23rd August 2014.

Four Questions for Conveyancing Solicitors: SI.9

1. Have you told the purchaser that the name of the ‘owner’ (vendor) is not on the statutory Completion Cert? This might matter to the purchaser if there is a problem with the Cert or to the local authority trying to take enforcement.

2. Have you told the purchaser that they themselves could be in breach as the ‘new owner’ and that they are responsible for bringing the building into compliance (under the Building Control Act)?

3. Have you told the purchaser that you didn’t accept Ancillary Certs from the Certifier (Law Society advice), even though this information could help the home buyer track down the person responsible for a defect?

4. Have you told the purchaser that the Completion Cert is a ‘guarantee’ for construction defects on their new home?

Are you sure about that?

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