Top 7 for 7- August 30th 2014

by Bregs Blog admin team


Top 7 for 7- August 30th 2014

by Bregs Blog admin team

The last weekend of a very busy holiday month! The following is a list of the most read posts from the past 7 days on Bregs Blog. This week there was a ‘lot of heat’ on Twitter concerning Part L compliance.

  • Thermal experts and passive designers discussed conflicts within existing Part L of the regulations (Conservation of Fuel & Energy) making compliance very difficult for certifiers. We published two opinion pieces on Part L by Mark Stephens on the need for a separate ancillary certifier for Part L- others posts  to follow next week also.
  • New revised parts of the building regulations Part K (Stairways, Ladders, Ramps & Guards) and new Part J (Heat Producing Appliances) were due to be introduced soon and registered professionals would be well advised to change to the new standards immediately.
  • There have been various perspectives in the media concerning housing supply, rental levels and construction. We collected a number of recent proposals from commentators and vested interests on the topic. Given the acute fall-off in commencements due to SI.9 since March and the normal lead-in times from planning to completion of between 15- 24 months, an increase in housing supply would seem highly unlikely in the lifetime of this government.
  • The continued decline in commencement notices was re-confirmed and we observed that, based on current figures, we were looking at a decline of 50% in new building commencements for 12 months since implementation of SI.9 in March 2014. A worrying trend.
  • We submitted our reader’s list of 20 questions to the Society of Chartered Surveyors (SCSI). This follows a very informative Q+A post series with answers provided by Mairéad Phelan, Project Manager for the BCMS (Local Government Efficiency Review, Programme Management Office).
  • In our 7th most read post this week we wondered if Priory Hall remedial works would be completed under SI.9, or would the local authority avail of some form of exemption. Quote: “It would be ironic if remedial works to Priory Hall were not completed fully under the new building control regulations“.

Posts listed in order of reader popularity. Enjoy!

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