Top 7 for 7- September 5th 2014

by Bregs Blog admin team


Top 7 for 7- September 5th 2014

by Bregs Blog admin team

Here are the 7 most popular posts for the first week in September on the Bregs Blog. BC(A)R SI.9 is 6 months old this week, and a opinion piece on the past 6 months post-implementation is the most popular post.

  • Eoin O’Cofaigh, past president and current council member of the representative body for architects (RIAI) wrote a thought-provoking personal opinion piece on the past 6 months of the new regulations.
  • A registered architect’s assessment of the additional costs due to the new regulations for a typical house was published. SI.9 costs were estimated at €21,000 for a typical dwelling, increasing to over €40,000 for a ‘self-build’.
  • We posted a warning in 2013 by Fine Gael Senator Cáit Keane on the serious flaws in the new building regulations- quote: Allowing one person to legally be the designer, builder and certifier could be very damaging in terms of protection for consumers.” Senator Keane represented a Fine Gael expert group established to evaluate and make recommendations on the registration & training of architects in Ireland.
  • We noted recent and upcoming revisions to the building regulations. From 1 September all new homes are required to install carbon monoxide meters.
  • An informative opinion piece on what constituted ‘consequent classes’ was submitted by Seán Breen, Chartered Engineer.
  • The issues associated with conflicts in SI.9 and the difficulties now facing certifiers trying to issue absolute guarantees of compliance where conflicts exist in the building regulations and where no transition arrangements are provided for was highlighted (Part L in particular).
  • In our final post we discussed the considerable costs of ‘defensive specifications’ and the difficulties now for contractors in ‘value engineering’: the practice of looking at more cost-effective alternative products and components during the course of construction.

Posts listed in order of reader popularity. Enjoy!

SI.9 costs for a typical house

Eoin O Cofaigh FRIAI- A changing landscape?

Fine Gael expert group opposed the introduction of new regulations

Part J (2014): Carbon monoxide detectors mandatory 1 September

Consequence Classes – What are they?

Design Certifiers – 3 things about certifying Part L…

Value-engineering, defensive specifications and BCAR SI.9


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