Construction Site Inspections – BLITZ 8 September 2014

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Construction Site Inspections – BLITZ 8 September 2014

The Health & Safety Authority issued a press release for a ‘blitz’ in June when over 100 sites were visited (see press release here).

Today, (8 September 2014) the HSA steps up the campaign with another btitz of over 500 random inspections in the next 2 weeks. This regime of policing sites, well flagged by the CIF, is highly effective as it will improve safety on all sites this week when all operators will be looking over their shoulders for of an inspector at the gate (see CIF link below).

This initiative of the HSA is critical as the sector with the highest occupational injury rate, per 1,000 workers is Construction (16.7); (See more at: HSA link below)

In 2013 the HSA carried out an impressive 3,622 construction site inspections in Ireland and in more than a third of visits written advice was given. In more than 200 cases enforcement proceedings had to be taken against builders.

Mark O’Halloran, CEO of the HSA says: “We try to use our resources in a way that has maximum effect while achieving a positive outcome for workers and employers. Enforcement is an important part of the work we do, but we must also use awareness-raising and information campaigns to complement inspection activity” (See HSA Annual Report)

In contrast to the detailed information published by the HSA, no statistics have been published by the Department of the Environment for Building Control inspections and enforcement activity since 2012.

Perhaps Minister Kelly will rectify this situation?

A public information campaign and some coordinated national activity could improve compliance on every site and make building owners aware of the risks of onon-compliance.

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