top 7 for 7- 12th September 2014

by Bregs Blog admin team


top 7 for 7-  12th September 2014

Here is a list of the 7 most popular posts for this week on the Bregs Blog. An editorial piece on comments received from larger architectural practices is the most popular post.

  • Larger more established multi-disciplinary practices currently would appear not to be undertaking the new roles under SI.9, instead opting to sub-contract out the role of Assigned Certifier to a separate third party. A number of larger practices also are looking at making the appointment of design certifier separate also. We have been informed of a Competition Authority complaint on restrictive practice of making joint appointments or architect and assigned certifier on public projects.
  • The falling trend in commencement notices continues this month with our update on Building Control Management System official numbers for commencements registered. We noted the level registered in the first 6 months of SI9 was 60% the level of 2013, a low point in construction activity.
  • An opinion piece by a construction professional on the challenges to self-building under the new regulations made for compelling reading. Essentially phased completions of dwellings would appear to be no longer possible, pushing affordability for many self-builders further out of reach.
  • Current conflicting and contradictory advice from the Department and a number of Local Authorities on the cumulative nature of the 40M2 exemption on residential extensions was a popular topic. The knock-on effect of this advice, if correct, is that there may be extensive invalid projects now underway under SI9.
  • In the absence of any formal advice on a detailed breakdown of services required for Design and Assigned Certifier roles, the Blog undertook to assemble inputs from various specialist certifier contributors to schedule out an initial list of duties required under the new regulations.
  • The fall in residential completions vs increased commencements at the start of this year was a puzzling statistic from the CSO, according to a Davy report issued this week. The blog believes this is due to many commencements pre march being “on paper not on the shovel”. These were projects where notices were lodged to beat the implementation date, and not actually started.
  • In our final post we noted a blitz currently being undertaken by the HSA on sites this month.

Posts listed in order of reader popularity. Enjoy!

  1. S.I.9 | What large firms are doing 
  2. Commencement Notices | 6 months after S.I. 9
  3. The self build world has been thrown into disarray
  4. ALERT | Owners may need Certifiers on porch extensions?
  5. SI9 Schedule of duties for Certifiers
  6. DAVY Research: surprising fall in residential output Q2 2014
  7. Construction Site Inspections – BLITZ 8 September 2014

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