Practical post 26: Design changes on site?

by Bregs Blog admin team


Practical post 26: Design changes on site? 

Our recent post from Building Control Management System  (Part 3 Link) says that:

“Design changes are notified in the Annex to the Certificate of Compliance on Completion and may be notified to the Building Control Authority after submission of the valid Commencement Notice during the Construction process by the Assigned Certifier”. [emphasis by Bregs Blog]

The Code of Practice for Inspecting and Certifying Works says:

“Where elements of the Design have not been completed, these should be clearly set out with an undertaking that when complete, these too will be certified and submitted to the Building Control Authority”. [emphasis by Bregs Blog]

So that’s clear. At the end. Maybe not?

The Framework for Local Authorities says that when Technical Assessment is carried out by Building Control it “may be appropriate to request the updating of this documentation to include such changes as may have occurred subsequent to Commencement” (Link )

So that’s a maybe.

Advice from the professional body for architects, the RIAI, suggests that design changes have to be certified before the change is built. The wording on builder’s undertaking confirms this.

Are design changes are to be uploaded by the Assigned Certifier at completion or uploaded during the job by the Design Certifier?

Where one person is undertaking the role of Design and Assigned Certifier this may not be an issue. However where there is a separate appointment of an Assigned Certifier, as per current RIAI policy, this may be an issue. Also given that currently there is no way for a Design Certifier to access the BCMS it would appear that the Design Certifier is unable to upload design changes in advance of construction at site stage.

Confused? …We are! 

Answers on a postcard please…?


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