iPetition into the Oireachtas Committee – S.I.9

by Bregs Blog admin team


Dear Bregs Blog Team,

I would appreciate if you could post this Petition plea on the Blog for the very last time – although we did not reach our signature target (500), I have every confidence that the 352 (and counting) people who did sign our Petition would want us to go ahead and lodge it on their behalf.

Looking at self building in Ireland this year, we note that some self builders are anxiously seeking certifiers to work alongside them, some have gone ahead risking legal issues etc.. and some, like ourselves, have postponed / abandoned our project until such time as Minister Alan Kelly rectifies the terribly unjust S.I.9.

Assuming self-builds are 1/3 of 8,600 completions for the year (same  level as 2013 optimistically-  2900 self builds) –  a total of 25% postponed or abandoned this year equals 725… so, our petition total (6 months into SI.9) represents half of the total self-builds abandoned this year- this is enough reason for us to lodge our Petition into the Oireachtas Committee.

This will be carried out on Monday next 22nd September 2014.  I would appreciate if readers of your blog who have not done so already to please consider signing this important petition. We would also kindly ask your readers to give this plea one last share or re-Tweet.

There have been some interesting comments from signatories of the petition (which I hope the Minister ponders) – here are a taste of some:

…a person can be prohibited from making their own shelter, while hundreds are forced to live on the street..’

‘As someone who is just exploring the possibilities of self build I am already tied up in knots..’

‘I may have to buy a second rate Celtic tiger house now because of these new regs.’

‘So all tradesmen must now keep their contractors sweet. The only gig in town for them. Low pay and bad conditions and no Union’

‘A simple change of wording in one line would restore people’s right to build’

Link to Petition: ipetition self-build-rights-Ireland

Many thanks to all!

Amanda Gallagher

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