Top 7 for 7- 19th September 2014

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Top 7 for 7-  21st September 2014

Here is a list of the 7 most popular posts for last week on the Bregs Blog. An opinion piece by David McHugh on the consensus for change at a recent EGM of the representative body for architects (RIAI) was the the most read post.

  • An opinion piece by Architectural Technologist Kevin Tyrrell from the Irish Architectural Technology Graduate Network (link here) calling for more robust representation against SI.9 was also very popular- quote “...Until politicians face a real threat of lost votes they will happily ignore us all and keep S.I.9 on the statute books...”
  • The ongoing question of whether the 40sqm exemption for residential extensions in SI.9 was cumulative or not was the subject of an opinion piece by Registered Building Surveyor Nigel Redmond, where the wording of SI.9 was examined in detail.
  • An article by Cormac Bradley  in Engineer’s Ireland Journal supporting SI.9 was thought provoking, and we summarised main points of the article in our post.
  • With the industry still grappling with recent changes to the building regulations we highlighted more Planning and Construction Legislation due to be published in the coming weeks.
  • As a follow up to a previous post on a Fine Gael expert committee opposition to SI.9 (see link here), we noted that Fine Gael members of the expert committee included the newly appointed Minister for Housing Paudie Coffey TD, new Junior Minister for Housing.
  • In contrast to the Engineers Ireland piece we noted an article posted by the Society of Chartered Surveyors of Ireland (SCSI) in the Surveyor’s Journal from Summer 2012 where author Kevin Hollingsworth outlined deficiencies in proposed changes to building control legislation that are still very relevant to the current situation.

Posts listed in order of reader popularity. Enjoy!

  1. Opinion: “the architectural profession is largely united in opposition to S.I.9″
  2. ‘All Ireland’ | BC(A)R Boycott
  3. “Dangling Participles” and why all extensions may now require compliance with S.I.9: 2014
  4. Engineers Ireland Journal | S.I.9 “is an opportunity to enhance the reputation of the building sector”
  5. New Planning and Construction Legislation | due September 2014
  6. Fine Gael Report opposed new building regulations- 2013
  7. SCSI “A Bad Act”| S.I.9 

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