5 Tips for Completion Certs

by Bregs Blog admin team


5 Tips for Completion Certificates

1. Start as early as possible- agree the Ancillary Certificates, relevant drawings and specifications that will be needed at the start of the contract.

2. Make the Ancillary Certificates a condition of payment to avoid delays.

3. Keep good files with contact details, the description of the relevant works, the competence of the person signing off, insurances etc.

4. Upload all of the Ancillary Certs to the Building Control Management System (BCMS) website as you go (however, keep in mind that you cannot delete anything from the BCMS) as this will save you time at the end.

5. Advise your client that the Local Authority can delay by up to 21 days or return the certificate as invalid, in which case the clock starts on the 21 days again. The building cannot be opened, occupied or operated until this is completed.

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