DECLG on Pyrite and Mica: October 2012

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With Mica making the headlines in Donegal and being debated once more in the Dáil, we take a look back at an Oireachtas Joint and Select Committee discussion from October 2012, when senior Department of the Environment, official, Aidan O’Connor, discusses the problem of pyrite in the construction sector. O’Connor is the Chief Architect Adviser at the Department of the Environment and one of the senior officials involved with developing BC(A)R SI.9.

Many politicians who were at the Committee discussion may be wondering why nothing has happened in the intervening period to remove the problem of pyrite from the construction sector. The liabilities for Assigned Certifiers should pyrite / mica be encountered on a building project could be enormous in the absence of mandatory certification at the quarry.

Joint Oireachtas Committee on Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht

Building Regulations: Discussion

DECLG on Pyrite and Mica: October 2012

Aidan O’Connor October 16th 2012- quote:

“There should have been a red flag system. As far as I am aware I do not think there was a red flag procedure. We are required to conduct a market surveillance for Europe and we are setting up a red flag procedure. When we become aware of a material that is known to be problematic, we red-flag it to local authorities. We have done that on a number of different materials, such as plaster board, hollow steel sections and so on”

Link to Oireachtas Committee transcript here.

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