10 ‘must-read’ posts for Certifiers | S.I.9

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3e7ea90By Bregs Blog on 26th September 2014

Following readers’ requests we have assembled a number of ‘must read’ posts for those approved professionals who have to implement S.I.9 legislation.

The first seven of these are critiques of recent industry draft documentation issued by the RIAI, the representative body for architects. As these documents are described as still being in ‘draft’ format, professionals are advised to consider the informed critique of each of the respective documents before using them.

‘Final’ versions of these documents have not yet been issued. We note that the RIAI President, Robin Mandal, promised to have these issued by August 2014. Quote:  “BC(A)R…Work in finalising Guidance documents and assessment methodology is being advanced and final documents should be available by the end of August 2014.” (See RIAI Annual Report / President’s Outlook, Page 9 below).

  1. Post 1: Architect’s Ancillary Cert (Design & Completion)
  2. Post 2: Architect’s Ancillary Cert (Inspection) 
  3. Post 3: Ancillary Completion Cert – Inspection (by others) 
  4. Post 4: Ancillary Certs Design – commencement & completion  (by others) 
  5. Post 5- Addendum to RIAI Contracts 
  6. Post 6: Draft Client Agreement (architect) 
  7. Post 7: Client & Assigned Certifier agreement (architect) 

8Recent revisions to GCCC form of contract.

We posted the revised GCCC form of contract also. This form of contract has been the subject of much industry criticism and was mentioned by leading contractor BAM recently as the main reason for changing their focus to private sector projects (see Irish Times article on BAM below):

9. Engineers Ireland – Building Regulations Certificates

At the time of writing we have not seen any certificates from EI or ACEI. Cormac Bradley of EI (key stakeholder representative) referred to Ancillary Certificates in an article (see link below):

10. Framework for Building Control Authorities – Version 1: July 2014

This Code of Practice for Local Authorities would appear to be a draft version. This was issued not by the Department of the Environment but by the RIAI in August 2014. At time of writing we have not seen a final version.

It is understood that the revisions required to incorporate new roles and duties under SI.9 to the standard forms of contract for non-public projects has yet to commence. 

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