RIAI AGM – Topics of Interest

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RIAI AGM – topics of interest

As background information to the RIAI AGM to be held in the Alexander Hotel at 6 p.m. this evening, Monday 29th September,  we have assembled a summary of issues and posts relating to recent policy, opinions, RIAI council members posts and issues associated with an earlier EGM held on 12th August 2014. These will give readers, unfamiliar with the issues, a good introduction to what is currently being discussed by members of the architectural profession. The RIAI appears to be the only stakeholder representative body discussing and debating whether the new regulation is of benefit to the consumer and industry.

The posts below include:

  • A post on a recent meeting between new Minister for the Environment, Alan Kelly T.D. and the RIAI- this gives a clear insight as to how the profession is being represented at senior government level.
  • A series of opinion pieces and reflections by architects and architectural technologists regarding the recent RIAI EGM and building control issues.
  • List of opinion pieces and posts received from current RIAI Council members.
  • An account of messages to RIAI members from the EGM signatories regarding timing etc. We note there was some discussion between members as to the timing of the event during the holiday period.
  • An account compiled from a number of attendees at the EGM that give a general impression of the discussion.
  • Posts of some of the topical issues occupying the minds of architect readers in the run up to the AGM. These include the current collapse in commencement notices post implementation, costs of SI.9 for a typical house, an estimate of the cost of S.I.9 to the residential sector, and finally a discussion on the cost of an alternative system of independent local authority inspections.

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Current RIAI BC(A)R Policy:

Conclusion and thoughts – post EGM reflections:

Current RIAI Council Members’ Posts:

Open letters and background posts, note from signatories:

Topical issues: