Minister for Construction | Take 6 (No 600)

by Bregs Blog admin team


 Minister for State with responsibility for Housing, Planning and the Coordination of the Construction 2020 Strategy, Paudie Coffey T.D.

The BRegs Blog Admin. Team is happy to echo the comments of the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) President, Philip Crampton, in welcoming, Minister Paudie Coffey T.D. as a dedicated “Minister for Construction” at the CIF conference yesterday. It is clear to all observers that a recovery of the construction sector is crucial in dealing with the economy, unemployment and the housing crisis in Ireland.

In this our 600th post we are focusing on positive suggestions to assist the Minister in aiding that recovery. Our solution for S.I. 9 has always been about “introducing independent inspections” which we believe will be the basis for any solution. As a recap here is a  ‘Take Six’ of the positive posts we have published on this issue.

 ‘Take Six’

1. How to have a simpler and more practical workable solution for S.I. 9

2. How to lower the cost of building houses:

3. How to reduce the cost of S.I. 9 on the residential sector: 

4. How to stop the cowboys ‘getting around’ S.I. 9: 

5. How to develop a solution that will work for us in Ireland: 

6. How to get the housing market moving quickly: 

Watch this space!

Some members of the BRegs Blog Team are currently working on a new funding model to examine how existing Local Authority charges in relation to operating a system of Building Control could be streamlined and reduced. This is in response to an updated World Bank Report 2015 to  be published 29 October 2014. There are concerns that Ireland (down at 115th of 189 countries, UK is up at 27th) for a typical industrial unit will slip even further when S.I.9 delays are factored in: Link to Report 

Watch this space for an upcoming blog post to assist Foreign Direct Investment in Ireland in the construction industry.

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