Irish Independent | Ronan Lyons “Private lifts and sunny views- but housing is a real mess”

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 Ronan Lyons TEF

Dr. Ronan Lyons

Dr. Ronan Lyons, Assistant Professor of Economics at Trinity College Dublin, clearly pointed the finger of blame for the housing and building control crisis in his Irish Independent, Business Page, article on 2nd October 2014. In it he wrote:

“Effective regulation is not about lots of laws, it’s about enforcement. And this is where Ireland is out of step with other countries.

The BCARs effectively place all the burden – and financial liability – of meeting regulations on the professionals involved in the building project, in particular the architect. This is in stark contrast to most countries, where inspections by officials are a key part of making sure a building is fit for purpose.

Lots of regulation is no substitute for good regulation. Government needs to know the difference.

The point is that, when introducing new regulation, governments in the EU are supposed to undertake a regulatory impact analysis. They need to be able to answer the question: what will the impact of a proposed new regulation be on society and on the economy? Given that there is no agreed estimate of the cost of BCARs on a new unit, this clearly has not been done.”

Link to the full article here in the Irish Independent “Private lifts and sunny views – but still a real housing mess”

Lyons also spoke last weekend about the lack of a proper review of existing legislation and a cost/benefit analysis with RTE’s Brian Dowling and Minister Dara Murphy TD, Michael McGrath TD,  Ruth Coppinger TD and Peter Stafford of IBEC. Listen back: Link

 Dr. Ronan Lyons is also author of the Report


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