The Design Certifier Conundrum | Retraction

by Bregs Blog admin team

The BRegs Blog is in receipt of email correspondence in relation to this blog post published originally on Friday 10th October 2014 under the title “S.I. 9 & RIAI – Talk to Joe! | The DC Conundrum”.

The writer believes that the blog post either mistakenly or mischievously misrepresented what the writer had said about Design Certification and that the writer considered the blog post to be defamatory.

The BREgs Blog has removed the original blog post. The intention of the BRegs Blog has always been to publish informative and objective blog posts. It is never an intention to cause any personal anguish. The Bregs Blog Admin. Team apologises if any upset has been caused in this instance.

The writer has been offered an opportunity to submit an alternative post for publication if the writer so wishes on the subject of Design Certification.

BRegs Blog Admin. Team