5 Posts every builder must read- BC(A)R SI.9

by Bregs Blog admin team

As part of our “BUILDERS’ DAY” we are re-blogging one of our most popular posts: essential reading for any contractor.

BRegs Blog


Following on from a number of contractor email queries here’s a short selection of 5 posts on BRegs Blog that are of interest to contractors.

  • In our first post we discuss  implications for clients for contractor appointments to projects under SI.9. We discuss some issues involved for new contractors taking over part-completed projects where the original builder has either resigned, gone bust or has been dismissed. Completion certification will be more complex for contractors under the new system.
  • In our second post we suggest all sub-contractors have their draft certificates agreed at the outset of projects with the Assigned Certifier to minimise delays later on. Under SI.9 this paperwork may be extensive. One report of an early project completed under SI.9 noted there were over 120 individual certificates required for completion validation. We expect Local Authority guidance soon to be revised to require only the Ancillary Certificate to be lodged on completion. However the Assigned Certifier will require all…

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