Commencement Notices – Update | 22 October 2014

by Bregs Blog admin team


The latest Building Register was published by the Building Control Management System (BCMS) on 22nd  October 2014 at 8.46 a.m. The Building Register records all of the validated Commencement Notices or ‘proposed building starts’ received by the 34 Building Control Authorities throughout Ireland.

The Building Register now records a figure of 3,476 as the total number of validated Commencement Notices received over the past 34 weeks since the introduction of the BCMS on 1st March 2014. This is quite a jump since 6 months figures were posted.

Of these 692 (20%) are Short Form (minor works) and 201 (6%) are seven-day notices (Fire Safety Certificates).

At the moment the average number of commencement notices being lodged is 102 per week. However in 2013 the average number lodged per week was 143 (7,456 in total).

Currently commencement notices are running 30% below 2013 levels which was an historic low point in construction industry output. Notwithstanding the late pick-up of commencements and recent hype in the media, we still have some way to go to even equal the very weak output achieved last year.

Let’s hope some of the budget initiatives will have a positive effect.

Link to Building Register: 

PDF: buildingregister Oct13 2014

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