Help Required | Dept. of the Environment | Deadline Monday 3rd November 2014

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 Help Required | Dept. of the Environment | Deadline 3rd November

The Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government (DECLG) are inviting submissions from the public to help inform the development of their future Strategy on or by 3 November 2014. This review will include Building Control. Link to request for submissions here.

In the previous Statement of Strategy 2011-2014 the DECLG wrote:  “We will examine what services could be converged between two or more local authorities, such as technology support, human resources and fire services. We will introduce a single national building inspectorate service.

Link to previous statement PDF here: DECLG Statement oF Strategy 2011- 2014

It is important that the DECLG receives informed submissions from industry and consumers on the impacts of S.I.9 to date. Any suggestions as to how to address current issues such as costs, delays, the exclusion from the register of professionals etc. should be submitted. This is a great opportunity to try and contribute to future strategy.

Given the many negative impacts on the construction sector and in particular building commencements since the introduction of S.I.9  an immediate review of the current building control system would seem to be imperative.

In light of the above we note that one of the proposed motions at this Tuesday’s RIAI EGM  is one that asks for a proper Regulatory Impact Assessment to be completed for S.I.9 and immediate industry-wide review of the new regulation.

This would be of great benefit to the Minister for the Environment  in the context of this immediate call-out for submissions. Submissions can encompass all areas of our built environment, not just building standards. Topics can be planning, housing supply, social housing, self-building, Part L and sustainability issues, water policy and harvesting etc.

Please feel free to send any submissions to BRegs Blog also where we will consider all material for publication.

RIAI EGM Motion No. 3 is shown below:


Extract off DECLG website:

“Call for Submissions – Statement of Strategy 2015 – 2017

The Department of Environment, Community and Local Government is currently preparing its Statement of Strategy for the three-year period from 2015 to 2017.

The Department’s new Statement of Strategy will serve as a framework for it’s work during the three year period.  The current Statement of Strategy (pdf 1,737kb)can be found here.

The Department is inviting submissions in relation to its Strategy Statement to be received by close of business on Monday, 3 November 2014.

Submissions should be emailed to: or sent in writing to:
Statement of Strategy
Strategic and Business Support Unit
Department of Environment, Community and Local Government
Newtown Road

Please note that in the interests of transparency, all written submissions received will be publicly posted on the website of the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government after Monday, 3 November 2014.

Previous Strategy Statements

Statement of Strategy 2011 – 2014 (pdf, 1,737kb)

Statement of Stragey 2008 – 2010 (pdf, 1,917kb)

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Statement of Strategy 2005-2007 (pdf, 1,101kb)

Statement of Strategy 2005-2007 (doc, 531kb)

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