Revoke S.I.9 – Fine Gael internal report to Phil Hogan in 2013 (3 of 4)

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By Bregs Blog Admin on 31st October 2014

Opposition to S.I.9 does not extend only to to opposition and independent representatives in County Councils, the Dáil, and Seanad. Opposition and calls for revocation of S.I.9 go right to the heart of the Fine Gael party itself.

In early 2013 Senator Cáit Keane, represented Fine Gael on a Working Sub-committee established by the Joint Committee on the Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht to evaluate and make recommendations on the Registration and Training of Architects in Ireland. In a damning report she noted:

Allowing one person to legally be the designer, builder and certifier could be very damaging in terms of protection for consumers….

the draft regulations make it possible for the same person to be the designer, the builder and the self-certifier!”

Ireland is unique in having a self-certification regime for construction. I don’t think self-certification in any sphere is to be recommended.

See post Fine Gael expert group opposed the introduction of new regulations

In our blog post “Fine Gael Report opposed new building regulations- 2013” we noted, on the last page of the report, that Fine Gael members of the expert committee include Minister for State, Paudie Coffey TD, at the Department of the Environment who must now be well briefed on the issues surrounding BC(A)R SI.9 and registration of professionals.

It would appear that both Minister Coffey and Minister Alan Kelly are tasked with the not inconsiderable task of cleaning up the mess of our construction sector left by their predecessor, Phil Hogan. The problems associated with stalled construction starts, increased costs and the complexity of our regulatory system will only get worse as the months progress. It is hard to foresee any improvement in the residential sector for first time buyers, or indeed any improvement for the spiraling homeless problem the country faces in the immediate future.

We wonder have any key stakeholders made formal representations to the new Minister Kelly on the real problems associated with S.I.9 since implementation? In the absence of clear, objective data it must be hard for decision-makers at the top table to get a grip on the complex factors that affect supply and demand, in the residential sector in particular.

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