RIAI EGM | 4th November 2014 | Who said what?

by Bregs Blog admin team

hear no evil

Hear no evil

On a previous occasion when the BRegs Blog reported on what was said at an EGM, held by the representative body for architects (RIAI), we received a request from an RIAI officer to take down the comments. The reason for the request was as follows:

[RIAI] Members on the night believed that they could speak openly, but privately to other members. By publishing what people said, the blog takes this away from people. I don’t believe we will be able to have such open debate at the next EGM if people believe what they say will be published.”

As all of our readers will appreciate the BRegs Blog is firmly on the side of open debate but respects a right to confidentiality where requested. As a result we are respecting the wishes of the EGM organisers and we will not be posting any report of the evening.

An RIAI member in attendance was live – tweeting the entire event so readers may wish to search Twitter for further information. (Link: Here)

In addition Frank McDonald of the Irish Times posted an online report at 10 pm last night including some of the evening’s activities. (Link: Here)

BRegs Blog Admin. Team

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