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We launched the BRegs Blog at the end of November 2013. Intended as an objective open-source information repository on the new building regulations in Ireland, it aimed to fill an information vacuum that existed for consumers and the industry. It took 6 months for us to hit 75,000 views. We doubled that figure 3 months later at the end of August 2014. By 5pm on 5th November, less than 12 months after the BReg Blog began, we have hit 200,000 views. We now average + 20k views per month.

The past 7 days were the busiest ever on the Blog. Read our 10 most popular posts for the past week below.

Yesterday we had + 1,700 views in one day, a new record.

We would like to thank you for your continuing interest in the issues surrounding the new building regulations. Many thanks to the admin, editorial and social media team and especially all of our valued contributors. We will continue to exist as long as we are relevant to readers.

Where are we now after 12 months? Have a read of our last 100 posts in out 670+ post archive to get an objective impression of where consumers, implementers and stakeholders are doing, almost 9 months post implementation. Look at our November 2013 to March 2014 archives to see earlier posts.

The BRegs Blog would love to hear your views on BC(A)R. If you have already written an article on this topic for another publication we would be happy to reproduce that on our Blog if relevant.

To celebrate we are giving the staff in BReg Blog towers the rest of the morning off- it may be a welcome relief to your computer’s inbox also if you are a subscriber.

New to the topic: don’t know where to begin? look here: SI.9- here do i start?

Where are we now? look here: S.I.9 – Where are we now?

Here are the most popular posts for the last 7 days:

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  3. 3 County Councils ask Minister to Revoke SI.9
  4. Help Required | Dept. of the Environment | Deadline Monday 3rd November 2014
  5. 60 new schools delayed due to SI.9 |
  6. Commencement Notice issues
  7. No more snag lists | with S.I. 9
  8. “The Assigned Certifier is the one in the lion’s den” Rory O’Donnell, solicitor
  9. S.I. 9 | We have found the Gaps!
  10. S.I.9 CPD | Questions for Assigned Certifier

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