Top 10 for week ending 16th November 2014

by Bregs Blog admin team

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Top 10 for week ending 16th November 2014

This week Homebond’s new €2000 all-in certifier/defects insurance scheme was the most popular post. Issues associated with conflicting and confusing advice issued by both the Building Control Management System, Department of the Environment and stakeholder bodies still exorcised readers, with this topic occupying 4 of the top 6 this week.

Joseph Little Architects posted a considered critique of the Homebond manual of details, a document that yet may become very important in the speculative residential sector.

Our 5th most popular post was Jack Kavanagh, past president of the ACEI and EI (representative bodies for engineers) who wrote a compelling article in Engineers Journal and wondered is SI.9 “…unjust to both engineer and society

Increased costs associated with building and the negative effect on construction output hit the media this week with a press article by Karl Deeter last weekend in the Sunday Business Post. Finally we have Dr Rory Hearne with a thought provoking article on a more radical approach to our housing issues, noting the considerable extent of vacant dwellings throughout the country.


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